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Our Ministries

We welcome you to learn of ways in which you can share your God-given talents with our community. 

The PARISH COUNCIL is comprised of faithful Orthodox Christian men and women, who have been members of our parish for at least 6 months, and are willing to offer their time, talents, and resources to the Church. 

The SUNDAY SCHOOL ministry nurtures the upbringing of our children into the life of the Church through Bible stories, crafts, projects, and church songs.

Music plays an integral role in the life of a parish. We encourage all to join our MUSIC MINISTRY.

STS MARY AND MARTHA MINISTRY follows in the footsteps of the two famous sisters and saints of our church. It assists our community with beautifying the parish as well as coordinating the Coffee Hour each Sunday.

Welcoming guests and providing information to the new visitors - USHERING 

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